A Chore or A Blessing

Are there times when doing God's work seems like a chore? Have you ever been called or asked to do something you knew in your heart was what God wanted you to do, but you felt imposed upon? We have probably all felt this way from time to time. Recently, I got a call and I felt that twinge of dread, but I acted on what I knew I needed to do, knowing it was a God moment and could not be missed. As I allowed God to use me, I felt both joy and pain. There was joy seeing God work in an eternal way and there was pain as I saw the physical distress of the moment. Afterwards, I was drained. I was happy in what God had done, but the reality of the situation brought me low.


I took some time and opened God's word. I knew right where to go--to 1 Corinthians 13. I read, "Love...does not insist on its own way, it is not irritable or resentful." I knew these were my feelings as I listened to the phone call asking me to change my plans for the day. I was convicted about the way I received the news of what I needed to do. I realized my attitude and my priorities were out of whack. I was thankful that in spite of those initial thoughts and feelings, I did act in love. I acted for the good of the one I was called to minister to. My actions were of love in spite of my feelings and you know, the "feelings" of love soon accompanied the actions of love. I am so glad I acted as I knew I needed to. I'm so thankful God used me in spite of myself. I'm so amazed how He forgives so quickly and acts on our behalf as we act on the behalf of Him and someone else. I praise my God!


In this instance, I was able to share the plan of salvation and God allowed me to be a part of the Spirit's actions to bring someone into the Kingdom.