Mission Trip in Southwest Viriginia

Fifteen members of the Concord Baptist Association (CBA) are spending this week in Nickelsville, VA working with the Southwestern Virginia Partnership (SVP). Part of the group is working on a house trailer--putting on a new roof, new deck, and porch roof. Others are working with a food pantry and several nursing homes.

The disabled owner of the house trailer is a Christian and it is obvious he feels thankful and blessed to be receiving much needed repairs to his home.  He was presented a new Bible when the work was completed. The Bible's flyleaf pages have been filled with personal notes of encouragement from the people who worked on his home. Along with the presentation of the Bible, time was spent praying for him.  This team met a tangible need in this person's life and the message and love of Jesus has been wonderfully displayed.

Many families and individuals were given assistance in the way of food from the food pantry. The Association members working at the food pantry spoke of several people who stood out in their memories from their day of work at the pantry. They spoke of families and individuals who were obviously touched and blessed by the assistance they received. Some of the people who had the opportunity to speak of Jesus were able to speak words of blessing to them. Again the message and love of Jesus was shared with many people through the act of meeting one of humanity's most basic needs--food. 

This team from the CBA working with the SVP not only helped and blessed others, they were also blessed in the process - this was an opportunity to see God work through their actions. This mission touched their lives. How wonderful it is to see the Lord work through the work of our hands and the words of our mouths.