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Disaster Relief Supplies needed!

Deadline: Thursday September 27 @4:30PM

Drop off Point: The Concord Baptist Association office at 121 S. Mecklenburg Ave. South Hill, VA 23919

The Concord Baptist Association will be delivering the supplies to Pender County, NC on Friday September 28.

Supplies needed:

- Water

- Non Perishable foods (think yummy, filling foods)

- Baby Supplies/Food (formula, foods, diapers,wipes)

- Basic Hygiene items (deodorant, wet wipes, toothpaste/toothbrushes)

- Tarps

- Cleaning supplies (bleach, heavy duty trash bags, gloves,etc)

Flooding of the Northeast Cape Fear has much of Pender County, NC under water. Residence of Pender County need help. At this point FEMA, nor any other large disaster relief organization has set-up to help this area in an ongoing way. Tom Collins of the Pender County Emergence Management stated to WWAY, “We have several wonderful organizations that have stepped up to help our community during the recovery from Hurricane Florence. We know this is a trying time. Supplies by truck and helicopter are arriving.” The article goes on to give a list of drop sites for supplies. One of these is Lighthouse Church in Rocky Point. This church is doing an amazing job trying to assist people in an area where here supplies are limited and little outside emergency help is available.