The Christian Voice

The Christian voice has lost its prevalence in today’s society. Much of this loss is because individual Christians fail to speak of Christian values and most are afraid to share their faith with others. Churches are struggling to bring people into the church to hear about Jesus. Many workplaces have barred any form of Christian witness and many venues where prayer is still in vogue do not allow prayers to be made in Jesus’s Name. The very last commandment Jesus gave us, “to go and make disciples” is perishing in our anti-Christian culture. As Christians, we are not supposed to bow in obedience to our culture, but to Christ. The biblical fact is, we are supposed to deliver His message to the world, “as of first importance.”

One way the Christian voice is continuing to be spoken into our culture is through Christian Radio. Christian Radio stations continue to present the message of Christ in media that is forefront in our culture. Radio broadcasts and web radio broadcasts remain popular ways of listening to music, news, popular personalities, etc. Christian radio provides music and commentary that many Christians like, but it also reaches out to those who do not know Christ. Just today, I heard several stories of how Christian radio led people to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

What can we do to keep the Christian voice alive in our culture. One way is to support Christian Radio. We can help insure these radio stations continue from a financial standpoint. We can pray for them and we can keep them informed on Christian events and information. The local Christian radio and web station where I live is 96.7 Shine FM. What’s the station where you live?

Also, and most importantly, we can follow our Savior’s directive to “go and make disciples.” We can do this as individuals and as churches. We must be willing to interact with our culture in ways that connect. Then, when we connect—share the gospel—the Good News!—The Story—The Creator of ALL the universe loves you and wants to have a relationship with you and He wants to give you ETERNAL life. What a GRAND story! Tell it!

Here’s several links to a site you may find helpful as you try to tell, The Story.

  1. The Story:
  2. The Story iPad app:
  3. The Story Android app:

Commit yourself to sharing the gospel. Pray for God to give you opportunities and to give you the courage to do it. Remember, to share your story as part of The Story. Your story is simply what God has done for you.

For those who live near South Hill, VA, there will be a one night seminar on sharing The Story on Thursday August 11@ 7PM

Location: he Concord Baptist Association

21 South Mecklenburg Ave.

outh Hill, VA


Lead by:oe McDowell, Director of Missions